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Should my designer have told me about a seam in my countertop?

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

So we had a flood in our small, U-shaped kitchen with a burst pipe, and ended up having to gut everything and get new floors, cabinets, countertops etc. We went with one store (mom and pop) that had it all. We were really taken aback when we came in after the countertop installation and two seams were in the counter. One was running in the center under the faucet, and only about 3' from that on the side was another seam! We were not told that the quartz counter was going to have a seam in it, or given any options about where to place it, or other materials that might be better suited for a seam in that location. Before I get cranky with the design studio - is this normal??? Please let me know what you think. These were NOT cheap, we went into debt to get them thinking they were the best and we are so disappointed.

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