Advice needed! Back patio and sliding glass door placement?

Amy M
last year

I am finalizing details of our new build and think that we should move the sliding glass door (in yellow) to the left. The left side of the door will be the opening part. We will be adding cabinets and a beverage center to the wall near the sliding glass door (in blue). We will also have a cabinet that will be a hidden doorway to our pantry here so we need space to open it (see black door line and arrow). We will also need to fit a dining room table here (to seat 6 people). I don’t want to have to go all the way around the table to get to the sliding glass door. I am thinking if we move the door a little there will be easier access to the patio.
Let me know your thoughts:

  1. Do we move the door over to the left? And how much?
  2. If we move the door, do we need to move the deck to keep the door centered on the deck?
    Thank you!!

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