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Art with sectional sofa and transom windows

3 years ago

Hi there - we are in a new construction house and need advice on what to hang something over the sectional. (We haven’t hung anything up at all yet!) It’s hard since the transom windows are not centered with the center of the sectional. Should we do one large vertical piece between the transoms? Or a super long horizontal piece over the sectional, or something else? What should it be centered on? We have 9-foot ceilings, so I kind of like the idea of something vertical but worry about it looking unbalanced. We have a furry dog and a toddler, so we don’t want floating shelves.

Would love suggestions on art style, size, and color too. We love simple and monochrome, but I’m open to mixing it up with the art. Maybe something muted with a thin modern gold frame? Would love pics of suggestions.

Could also use ideas for what to hang over the far end of the dining table, since we have a similar dilemma there with the table not being centered on the wall.

Thank you!!

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