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Green Giant Thuja X Plicata, 2ft tall, second season, should I prune?

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Hello. I planted 30 Green Giant Thuja X Plicata last spring. They look like they are doing well for the most part this spring(started about 1.5ft, now 2ft - 2.5ft). Some that are in shady areas look the same without much growth. Anyway, I remember someone saying on here to make sure it only has one trunk as it grows. I was wondering if someone can clear up some confusion on this:

1) Is it too early in their lives to prune?

2) I see some that do in fact have one trunk and have no branches from the dirt up to about 2inches. I'm assuming this is what I am aiming for.

3) Some have branches(or extra trunks) very low and some have branches(or extra trunks) coming out below dirt but not deep at all. I assume maybe choosing the largest one that looks like the main trunk and clipping the rest of the branches from the dirt up 2 inches? Does this sound good?

4) Is it a good time to do this now(spring, zone 7a, long island)?

5) Should I be fertilizing these? They do line the grass and the grass is fertilized, so I assume all good. They also have their own drip line.

6) Last year i was watering 3 days a week(Mon,Wed,Fri) through spring and summer for an hour each day. Each plant has drip line with 3 holes putting out 0.8gal/hr. So each plant was getting about 2.5 - 3 gallons once a day. Sound good, or should I increase for second season?

Or, should I just leave them alone and grow natural?


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