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Would love ideas on how to jazz up this very dated stone exterior?

3 years ago

Our home was built in 1953. The owner was a builder and used leftover items from his builds to construct our house. The stones on the front and chimney are every different size and shape and color and texture. I hesitate to remove the stone because I think it will be difficult and expensive. I'm not sure if whitewashing would work because some pieces are shiny so I don't know if they can even be covered successfully. I think the easiest might be to paint the house and deal with the shutters and door. I'd really love a suggestion for a paint color for the house (which obviously desperately needs to be painted) that might make the stone acceptable and fun. I'd also love a pop of color for the door (which is a super fun 50s shape but needs some love too.) but with the random stone I just can't figure out what color to pick. Give me some ideas on how to liven this puppy up please. (Ignore the random door out front and trash. We are dealing with 87 different indoor projects as a result of coronavirus boredom)

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