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Exterior is WRONG in every way. What fixes = biggest bang for buck?

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

So! Many! Problems! on exterior of 1600 sf brick ranch.

What fixes would you do to make the most improvment? (I'm wanting a new kitchen too!)

1. PAINT (or whatever) THE BRICK? Time for trim to be repainted anyway but can't see how any trim color can fix the splotchy brick/splotchy roof problem. Do you?

Roof to me looks blue/grey and reddish brown so...brick could be Creamy off white? Grey? Taupe? Greige? (Prefer a neutral of some kind and just fyi, no one in neighborhood has painted their brick yet.) And what do you see for the trim?

2. WINDOWS - he wants one solid window in the middle because we watch birds. (Feeders are gross I know but must stay.) What color windows? These are bronze. Oh and the octagonal window that's broken clearly needs to be replaced. Duh.

Also the "hillbilly bay window" mount of that center window. Would it help to trim out some kind of way to close in the top and bottom? I don't think he'd go for ripping the whole thing out and my little dog would be very sad to lose her window seat.

3. PORCH POLES - beef up. Other trim improvments?

4. FRONT DOOR COLOR BRIGHTER - being recessed like that the dark brown the worst possible choice. A friend talked me into that and the yellow bench. This door is not great anyway but I look at doors and have no clue what I would even want.

5. PORCH DECOR - paint/replace bench, remove misc junk, decorate somehow. Getting ready to paint porch floor - porch paint which a blue-ish grey. Mailbox is black wrought iron.

6. LIGHTING - add sconces to sides of brick that leads to door?

7. PATH FROM DRIVEWAY TO FRONT DOOR - this area is soggy about 7 months of the year so it's a problem for guests to walk from driveway to front door. This ties in with landscaping obviously but it is a LONG WAY so will be fairly costly.

8. LANDSCAPING - Working on this. Ignore black metal thing on right - was experimenting with creating a "window" on long expanse of brick which is the side of the garage. I've planted more and filled in some gaps since pic was taken.

Have had quite a few trees but they got knocked down, diseased, died etc. I'm kind of sick of spending money on trees but I know it's weird not to have any. Actually got another dead one in the yard right now! I have a big vegetable garden in back and husband hates yardwork so I can't put in a whole lot more beds and stuff. But we are corner lot and it's a lot of wide open space.

So where do I start? I know this thing is a disaster and I appreciate your help on the best choices.

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