Get out of the box: design a backdrop for home office Zoom meetings...

last year
last modified: last year

This is a hypothetical challenge, not a necessity, wish, or pending build. It's just for fun.

I'm getting bored with the "bookshelf backdrops" I see on TV. They just make me wonder if the books are real, or if they've been bought for the setting. Do they reflect the personal taste of the person, an ex? I wonder if I can squint and see what that title is.... Lolita? Interesting....

Way too much musing that doesn't have anything to do with a work meeting.

Ditto for the plain white reveal-nothing versions. Guess they don't have any kids...all that white. What is that wall anyway? The bathroom? They're sitting on the toilet? Oh, a picture hook. I wonder what picture was hanging there that CEO didn't want us to see, but maybe on his salary he can afford a Rembrandt. Or three.

Get creative! Show off your idea for a striking backdrop. It could be inspirational, funny, low brow, high brow, curious.... Design something new. Maybe a whole new paradigm.

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