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Contractor Issue - Granite Fabrication/Installation

2 years ago

Hi All. First time poster. Hoping for insight on my current situation. Any and all advice welcome.

I recently had a new kitchen installed. The cabinets looked great as did the appliances. The cabinet folks recommended a fabricator for the granite and since then it’s been one huge frustration.

They were a week late finishing which ok, stuff happens. Then the night before they were due to come I asked what time to expect them and only at that point was I informed they didnt have the man power and would have to come the day after. Annoying but I wanted my new countertops so played nice. Day of, they ended up being several hours late due to running out of gas. So they didn’t finish that day and had to come back several days later.

Again they were several hours late and didn’t bother to communicate at all. Very little work got done that evening and in the process they cracked my window, nicked a drawer which will require replacement and scuffed up the side of the refrigerator enclosure - all of which I found out after they left (with the job still incomplete). They hadn’t said anything about any of the damages.

I texted the owner to inform him and he agreed to deduct the window and cabinet replacement cost from the balance due. I don’t think anything can be done about the scuffing except try to get a paint match to conceal it a bit. He told me they’d be here this morning to finish the job (day 3). I asked for a text or phone call confirmation the day before and he agreed to do so. Needless to say I received no notification yet again and they didn’t show up until 5pm. The owner isn’t here, either.

I won’t be paying the balance due until the window is fixed and the drawer front replaced. I will be deducting those costs from the balance but do I have any recourse to request additional discount under the circumstances? It has been a huge inconvenience throughout and has wasted a lot of my time waiting etc., in addition to the damages which cannot all be fixed.

Thanks for any suggestions you might offer.

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