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Retaining wall between trees

Dmitry Feldman
3 years ago

I'm planning a retaining wall in an area where there are a couple large trees and a few small ones. If you look at the pics, i plan to put the wall on the line where the grass ends and the hill begins. It will probably be a 2.5 - 3ft wall spanning the entire property line going across. There's around 6-10 feet of space between the neighbors fence and my property line. So my plan is to put a retaining wall, then a fence on top of it that's 3-4 feet on the property edge, and have a raised bed for bushes and such. There's a large tree at the end and its not in the best of health, so I don't really care about it. But if I start digging and run into some tree roots, I'm worried that if I cut them, the tree will become unstable. There's an option to cut down the tree, though I'd prefer to avoid that cost if possible. Also there's a bunch of smaller trees that I like and prefer not to cut them down. Please give me some feedback about this. Thanks

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