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Help! Need to decide exterior paint asap! Looking for mock ups to help

Michelle Trask
3 years ago

I knew the time to decide on paint was coming fast and it became clear tomorrow is absolute latest for a decision! I just took a fresh sunny morning photo of my house located in Plymouth, MA. I was hoping someone could help me with a mock up of a few colors as I whittled the decision down, but I keep flip flopping all over the place. I recently became unemployed bc of Covid but already signed a contract so it's a decision I can't afford to screw up. I'd appreciate any help at this time.
- Trim - As you can see from the picture we have a lot of trim and a Farmers porch with columns so I know we're going to paint all of that in some shade of white.
- Shutters - I always thought I needed and loved but are on the fence now about those.
-Body Color - The big question!
Top choice at one point was SW 6250 Granite Peak
Then I was thinking one shade lighter is SW 6249 Storm Cloud
One thing I don't like is driving into a neighborhood and seeing a house that's too blue so I think that's where I started doubting those 2.
On another post someone mentioned going all Navy (medium - dark) house, which I had considered earlier in the process, and now am considering again.
Also along that point a very dark Gray color.
Both of these with a Stark white trim would look great.
And at another point I thought Light Gray with navy blue shutters.
I've played around endlessly on SW visualizer but it's not my actual house or landscaping so can't really trust it.
I just find it so hard even after painting all the samples on the side of the house to 'see' the big picture.
If anyone can help me out with a few mock ups I'd so grateful.
Body color is the tough one

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