Indecisive and Need Help about Patio Furniture & Grey Wash Teak

last year

We're getting furniture for our patio and I'm a very indecisive shopper! I've come up with a furniture layout for the patio and am trying to finalize the pieces. The patio is approximately 26' by 18'. There will be a seating area with a fire table on one side and a dining area with a rectangular table on the other side. We live in New England so furniture needs to withstand four seasons, including sometimes harsh winters. We will not be storing furniture inside.

We're getting a Polywood fire table and Adirondack chairs in slate gray. I ordered the Crate & Barrel Regatta teak sofa in a grey wash finish with graphite Sunbrella cushions. I wanted to get the matching teak dining table from Crate & Barrel, but it is no longer available in grey wash.

Now I am debating whether I should (1) get the C&B table in natural teak and just let it weather to gray, (2) look for a grey wash teak table elsewhere, or (3) get the C&B Regatta sofa in natural teak instead (link to picture) and then get a natural teak dining table. If I go the natural teak route, I'd want them to weather to gray. I haven't decided on dining chairs yet but I'm considering getting a bench and side chairs. I don't want teak side chairs.

I also have questions about grey wash teak... It looks like it has to be maintained just as natural teak does if you want to keep the color. I'm wondering if it's worth it get teak that is "finished" in gray and also if it's more difficult to maintain the finish.

Pictures of the furniture are posted below. I'd appreciate any thoughts or suggestions. TIA!

Polywood Adirondack Chairs and Fire Table

C&B Regatta Sofa in Grey Wash Teak

C&B Regatta Dining Table in Natural Teak

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