Any suggestions on getting rid of chickweed in flower beds?

last year
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If you're familiar with this stuff, it's pretty voracious. It's starting to really go crazy in parts of my lawn (time for weed n' feed!) but has invaded within several patches of perennials. What a pain to try and get in there by hand and rip it out without also tearing out the as yet still emerging plants such as chrysanthemum and rudbeckia. Most time consuming. It really spreads, so typically I've just carefully grabbed by hand and usually large spreading patches of the chickweed come out and that's pretty much it, but upon looking closer I see there is a lot of additional smaller chickweed just coming up. Any suggestions other than to just keep plugging away at it? This has been a rather unusual spring so far with the cooler temps and so limited growth compared to what is usually up by now - plus loads of rain.

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