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Big freeze Friday night/Saturday morning. What should I cover?

3 years ago

Hi folks, I need some help, and I Imagine other people do, too.

Right now it looks like a freeze @28 degrees, possibly @26 But no frost. Wind is forecasted @7 mph, gusts to 10mph.

If all this holds true, no frost, what things do I need to cover? My garden is in full swing! Choices are hydrangeas, newly planted roses, tulips in full bountiful bloom, bleeding heart, Lilium, viburnum babies in bloom, older viburnums in bloom, spirea Blue Kazoo, weigelia Monet, other weigelia, azaleas in bloom, azaleas in bud, but ready to pop, peonies in bud ready to pop, peonies in bloom, phlox paniculata, clematis (some are five feet along with buds), and thalictrum.

thanks for any conversation on this!

Suzy in Indy

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