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Help designing my front yard - 7b full sun

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hello everyone! I would love some help/advice as I am new to zone 7 and I cannot visit the local nursery due to covid-19 closure. We are completing a whole exterior makeover this month. The house will be soon painted charcoal/navy with white trim and shutters. I'd love to use a soft color palette (white/pink/purple) with lots of vibrant evergreen.

Like these inspirations:

I also like a well defined design and some symmetry.

Here is my house today. It faces south.

Right side (from the wall down):

Layer 1 - My landscaper suggested Camellias but... will they take full sun? I would love to grow Star Jasmine as a hedge as we do in my country Italy. What else could I put here as a flowering evergreen plant? Maybe Lavender Rhododendron or Indian Hawthorn?

Layer 2 - Knock-out Roses

Layer 3 - Soft Touch Holly with Sweet Romance Lavender in between.

Middle area:

Two small evergreen trees (any suggestion?) with two large planters on each side of the staircase. I am thinking Gardenia Kleim’s Hardy and Phlox. (otherwise?)

Left Side:

Roses all around the Crape Mirtle. Maybe some Echinacea, Dwarf Russian Sage, Gaura Whirling Butterfly.


We are planning to alternate camellias and hydrangeas on the sides of the house. Hopefully the one close to the front porch will do ok with afternoon sun.

Back: Some Confederate Jasmine and Ligastrum Japonica as a privacy fence on the back.

I may try to do this on the borders because it's so pretty!

What do you think overall? Good/bad plan? any improvements/changes?

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