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Need furniture ideas and placement help !

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Hi there! Sorry for this long post! We are in the middle of an entire house remodel, just finished ceilings and floors, knocked out walls and redid kitchen to open layout but all trim/baseboards haven't been replaced yet with new, and I still need to paint another coat on the wall...... my flooring is LVP Urban Loft Ash planks and wall color is SW Agreeable Gray......I want to add another matching vertical window on the other side of the fireplace for balance. I hope to change our drapes for a lighter color, maybe tan linen or medium dark gray?....I love pairing nuetrals and variations of the nuetrals colors.... love earthy elements, textiles, modern rustic minimalist decor, stone ,wood, plants, leather furniture.... not a fan of bright accent colors..... and want layers of lighting if possible....Our home is quite small, approx 1342 sqft , I need to find furniture for our living room and I am torn as to what to do with layout. There is a short 7ft wall at the entry I do not want to go beyond it with furniture as it affects the walkway..... I haven't ever been a fan of sectionals but question if that's the best use of the space..... We have 2 young children, ages 4 and 6 and love to entertain approx 28 family members when we have get togethers for bbqs /birthdays etc.... I love round solid wood coffee tables ..... I would like to have as much seating as possible without crowding out the room.... I was leaning towards narrow leather couches with legs for a more airy vibe..... I just dont know what to do with our space? A right facing 6 seat leather sectional with a chair near the fireplace? Or a single super long couch ? Our ceilings are only 8ft so need low profile furniture.... Would you do an area rug? I am going crazy over trying to figure out what would be the best furniture for our living room.... and how to lay it out in the best way possible..... I would greatly appreciate any advice and thoughts as to how this all could be achieved! I am including pictures and a rough sketch of the dimensions/layout of the front half of the house...... Thankyou sooooo much for all your help!!!!

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