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Really need help decorating my living room and sunroom!!

3 years ago

Hi! Does anyone good at interior design have any ideas for these rooms?🙏🙏 I want the space to look nice but have absolutely no clue what I’m doing!!

I would really like to get a rug for the sunroom. (the one with the wood ceiling) We got the rug in the living room from ruggable a long time ago. What is a good rug for this room? Should it match the living room or be diffrent? Any links would be AMAZING. I like everything to look minimal and clean and the popular style right now. I am the worst at interior decorating and making everything coordinate. I would hire an interior designer but my husband says we can do it ourselves. Lol. I feel like our house is hard for me to know what to do with it. I would be very open to getting another rug for the living room if it would make it look better, I just want this room and the living room to look nice because it’s the first thing people see when they walk in!!!

I also would like to get a bench for the sunroom but again I have no clue where to start or what would look good, we really do need storage space though.

This room is at the very front of the house when you walk in. It is a small little room we also have my husbands office in right now because the house is so small. It opens up to the living room. (I know, weird!!) so trying to make it look the best of its potential because this is the space we will have for the next few years.

Any links or ideas would be SO appreciated!! You don’t know how much I truly appreciate it.

(And we are organizing the room now so it’s not how it usually looks lol!😂)

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