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May 2020 The OGR’s the Modern Roses and a bit of everything else.

Lisa Adams
3 years ago

Hello there! I haven’t made my own post in quite a while. I’m hoping to travel around the garden over the next few weeks and post pictures of what’s blooming, and how things are doing here in my So CA garden. Some expectations have had to be adjusted, due to a few health issues. I’m trying to enjoy the beauty, while overlooking the things I can’t attend to right now. The weather was cool, then a huge rain, then temps in the 90’s. Some roses didn’t mind, some minded a LOT. I’m also fighting gophers like crazy. Three “Gopher Hawk” traps and the cats haven’t been able to keep up. Many of the young foolish gophers have been caught, but the big smarter gophers are left. It won’t be long before another round of youngsters is born. I’m so frustrated with them!

Anyway, I plan to add new pictures over a period of time, so I’m not overwhelmed. I’m combining both antique and modern roses, because posting takes me SO long.

I’ll start with a true favorite, Baronne Prevost.

This was just before the heat began, about a week and a half ago.


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