Help please: New siding and trim accents for red brick house

last year

Hi all,
Our home is in need of some repair and updates. We replaced the roof last year and now we are on to siding and painting the trim. I know there is more to do, especially with landscape and windows, but our budget will only let us work slowly.

Since the siding is damaged, we have decided to go ahead and replace it (it’s about 30 yrs old, anyway), but honestly I have never really liked it as a feature of the house. So, aside from changing the color, what else can we do to improve the look? My husband and I have discussed switching to shake or board and batten or some combination of anything different. Also, you will notice that the placement of the upstairs windows is off-center (which now that I have seen, I cannot unsee). Any advice for what can minimize/camouflage that issue? A lot of our neighbors have a metal awning between their upstairs and downstairs windows, so I thought that might work for us, too.

Thanks in advance!

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