Help! I’m hit a wall!

Mz. Wijn
last year

I’ve hit a wall both literally and figuratively.

I live in an old, never ending fixer upper. Living in Hawaii space is a commodity. My master bedroom is an awkward and small layout so I decided I’d take out the next bedroom’s closet so my husband and I could have it. That way one whole wall would be a reach in closet from floor to ceiling and wall to wall (our ceilings are only 7ft tall so I’m trying to utilize every inch of storage possible).

Once I removed the framing I started to second guess myself. Should I just drywall the extra space so the room is bigger and create a closet on the other wall (I included a drawing with dimensions) My issues here are that it has an almost floor to ceiling window that overlooks the ocean and it would be a smaller closet that both my husband and I would have to share. My original idea for that window was to replace it with a door to access the lanai (after a few renovations we removed access temporarily with the intent to relocate a new one to outside).

I included pics (pls excuse the mess!) The last pic is the idea for the closet if it were on the longer already demo’d wall.

I’d hate to lose the view but it could be a better layout.

Please flood me with some inspiration!

Any ideas are greatly appreciated!!!


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