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speakers around the pool

3 years ago

We are having a pool installed and I’m trying to figure out my speaker situation so they can be planned ahead in case of underground wires... I already have two Yamaha AW150 outdoor mounted speakers on my porch. That are wired into my house, connected to my indoor surround sound... I was thinking about getting two rock speakers (OSD RS670) to put around the pool and rewiring the two Yamahas I already have into a new stereo reciever (I really like to just listen to the radio sometimes) so I would have 4 outdoor speakers on their own receiver. Would this be good? How hard is it to get stereo wire down an interior insulated wall to hook up to this new reciever? Would the rock speaker wire need to be in conduit underground? What’s a good stereo reciever that’s not overkill? Should I forget the rock speakers altogether and just add two more mounted outdoor speakers under the soffit closer to my pool so I would avoid having to bury any wires??? I just have so many questions... any advice would be great! Thank you!

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