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Need advice on 1.5 year old sod that's brown with green spots

4 years ago

I moved to a new house in early 2019 just outside Boston, MA. The lawn had been laid with new sod in late 2018. It grew very well during the year. I'm inexperienced with lawn care, and though I cut it regularly and watered, I didn't think to aerate or fertilize it.

Now it's coming back green in parts but mostly is brownish, like the grass is still dormant. Since most of my neighbors' lawns are getting quite green now, I figure I failed to do something important.

I'm looking for advice on what to do. I think I should maybe aerate the lawn and put down a spring fertilizer. Any thought on whether that would be enough or whether I really ought to call in an expert? Any pointers would be most appreciated! Thank you.

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