Move position of tray ceiling?

Britney Boles
last year

Hello. I have a design dilemma. Our master bedroom does not have a very large closet. The master bedroom itself, however, is extremely large - more space than we need. We want to add a walk-in closet (or any type of closet really) to the room since the actual closet is so small. The only problem is that we have a large, beautiful tray ceiling that spans the length and width of the entire room. I don't want to lose the tray ceiling so I am wondering whether anyone has ever changed the size of their tray ceiling to accommodate something like this?

Essentially we would like to build out the left wall (if you are standing in the doorway facing the bedroom, the wall to the left or the wall that the dresser is on) as if it were always a closet, likely out to the window. The portion of the ceiling above the closet would need to be level (8 feet I believe), but I'd like to keep the tray ceiling, as if it were built with the closet in mind. Does that make sense? So instead of the tray ceiling starting immediately when you walk into the room (looks like it begins approximately 21 inches into the room), it would flow from the closet (approximately 21 inches past the closet).

I understand that means we would have to change 3 of the walls to accommodate this addition, as well as reposition the light, but I'm wondering if anyone has actually done something similar to the above? We know this could be costly, but closet space is imperative.

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