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Replace 30” Viking Gas Range?

4 years ago

We currently have a 30” Viking gas range as part of new home package 4 years ago. The cooktop works great but the oven is a nightmare. I have to use an oven thermometer to figure out what the temp actually is. Setting the oven, the temperature swings wildly on startup (e.g. set at 325, oven heats up to 450) and I usually have to play with the dial throughout baking to keep the temp close to what I want. Typically this means setting the oven dial 25-50 degrees higher. I’ve had a repairman out and he said everything was fine, that oven temps will fluctuate. I don’t want to pay for another repair visit just to be told that same thing.

So, I’m contemplating replacement with a dual fuel model of another manufacturer since my faith in gas ovens has been destroyed. I’ve just started researching, but since so many posters here are already very knowledgeable, I’d appreciate your advice. Thanks!

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