Kitchen eating area layout and decor

last year
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Hi All, we have a rectangular, narrow eat-in kitchen (10ft by 20ft). All of the cabinets and appliances are in one half of the space and the other half is for dining. The kitchen is off of the living room. The eating area is directly next to the living room and the whole space is open. Attached is a drawing of the layout with dimensions.

We're not sure how to set up the eating area in terms of (1) where the table should be, (2) what to put on the walls to help define the eating area, and (3) how to add additional storage (we currently have a bakers rack in this area but we'd like something that offers more storage and doors). We are not renovating the kitchen part (i.e., cabinets, appliances, layout), but for context, we have dark cherry cabinets and light brown granite countertops. We really appreciate any advice!

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