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Need a low-profile, non-kiddie-style daybed

4 years ago

My home office/craft room also contains a twin bed for occasional guests. (Mostly just my oldest DS who occasionally sleeps over on holidays.) I had intended/hoped for the bed to serve mostly as a "sofa" for me, and I do use it when looking through books, crafting (with a folding table pulled up), etc. Right now it's just a twin mattress on a cheapo black metal frame. It looks pretty institutional. It is against a wall, in a corner. I would really like to find a daybed frame, but I have some restrictions. The wall starts to angle into the room at 30-31" high, so the back of the bed can't be higher than that. Even daybeds that look "low" in photos are taller than that.

So far, this is the only type that works, size-wise.

But to me, it screams "kid's bed". It also kinda screams IKEA to me. I'd love to find something with a little I will admit that I could use the storage below for books, or baskets containing craft supplies. Maybe if I jazz it up with enough pillows it would look fine, but wonder if any of you have other suggestions.

The other furniture in the room is very Pottery Barn/Ballard Designs. A black PB traditional style desk, a black BD glass-front cabinet, and a black etagere shelf, also BD. Walls are dusty pink. I have always liked black and pink combos and since this is "my" room (although DH and DD are constantly in and out because I have the only printer in the house and don't even get me started on that because this stay at home situation is really really getting on my nerves ok there I said it) I decorated it all for me me me (although: see rant, again).

If I did get the PB Teen model, I think I'd get the gray. Or maybe I should do white to match the trim in the room. What I really want is one of those plush velvet sofa-esque daybeds, but I haven't found one that fits.

So...have you seen any nice low-back daybeds for grownups?

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