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Bathroom vanity size/placement help!

Megan Donnelly
2 years ago

We’re executing a bathroom renovation for a guest/spare bathroom. It’s an every day use for my husband and I for the toilet and sink and an occasional use for the full bath. Likely to be used more after the reno because of the new functions bath.

(I’ve attached 1 “before” photo and a few current bare bones photos.. you can see some lines on the floor indicating the 48”, 42” and 36” marks from the wall as well as the right line shows where a centered 36” would sit.)

The vanity that was removed was 48” long and placed against the right side wall. As you can see if the before picture, that placement was very close to the toilet especially with the tp holder.

My dilemma is - do I replace with a 48” and keep the average spacing as it was? Do I downsize to a 42” or 36”? I feel like a 42 would fit a bit better but would have to modify the sink pipes a bit. The 36” sounds nice in theory to open the space up a bit but I feel it’s too big of a gap between the left side of the vanity and the toilet then... OR if I were to line it up center with the existing pipes, it would leave about 6” in between the right side vanity and the wall. Is that a faux pas? I don’t want to waste space either...

I’m so torn, please help!

Thank you!!

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