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HELP! Infamous kitchen pinch point problem - 1930 house/kitchen reno.

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Calling on people smarter than me to help me figure out a solution to my kitchen problem. We are in the middle of renovating our kitchen as a part of a total house (to the studs) renovation. We have already framed the space based on kitchen plans that I was never really “sold” on but realized it was as good as it got given our circumstances with this quirky old house, so we proceeded. We are now in the kitchen cabinet layout phase and let me tell you, this old home’s compartmentalized kitchen struggle is real.

Main problem - a kitchen island is an absolute non-negotiable must, but, we have an awkward passthrough spot (not the primary walkway) that’s super tight if we choose to push the island to a more ideal size (at least 56x42 and right now he has it set to 48x36). You can call me crazy and tell me to just get a moveable island on wheels, but I refuse! I’ve lived in apartments most of my adult life and being able to renovate my first home is very significant for me. I really want to get this one thing that’s very important to me. Plus, I am a food photographer/blogger and need the central space for taking photos.

Attached is the current renderings of the kitchen layout. You will see the designers suggestions in black, and then my idea in red. He is wanting to etch the counter to leave a 38” walkway which I can appreciate but I hate it. It only leaves me with a 2 ft island on that side of the kitchen. Additionally, it draws more attention to the pinch point by cutting off a large chunk of the counter. On my suggestion in red I am wanting to narrow that passthrough to 30” so I can gain at least another 8” of counter space. Is it crazy to push it even further to maybe just a 2 ft passthrough?? Probably insane but it’s super tempting!

I know all the ideal numbers between the island to counters, etc but keep in mind this is just one minor spot rather than working space.

This is literally keeping me up at night. Please help 😭 Thank you in advance! Your advice is greatly appreciated.

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