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Should I call them back, or am I being unreasonable?

3 years ago

Hey y'all, hired a painter to paint my house and refinish my kitchen cabs. They were extremely professional, worked hard and for the most part, everything looks great. However I feel like they rushed the job on the cabinets and the finish didn't turn out how I would like. We went from a near black mocha stain to White, and from a 4 foot distance they look pristine, but inside that you can see flecks of dust and when touched the boss are felt. I did not notice yesterday when I paid (stupid me) but now it's going to drive me crazy. Am I justified in requesting them to come back and fix the job? I'm confident they can as my island was painted a different color and it came out perfect, but since I let them go yesterday, am I to blame for not refusing to pay them?

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