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Tiling over old tile in hall bathroom that is lower than hall

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I have read many posts about the problems with tiling over old floor tile. We have black marble on the floor on a concrete slab which a step down into the bathroom from the hall floor which is wood planks.

When we add the new larger shower base, we will need to remove about 15" x 36" of old tile. If we remove the tile to the closest grout line, we will have a gap of about 3" between the old grout line and the edge of the new shower base. I doubt we can match the tile because it is so old. The old tile needs refinished anyway. I doubt we will be able to save any of the old tile.

Previously, my GC suggested tiling over the old marble tile. I know it is not the best idea, but it would solve the problem of the step down from the hall into the bathroom.

If we remove the old tile, we would still have a step down. It we tile on top of the tile, it will minimize the height difference. I realize it will cause a difference with the toilet flange, but I think it can be solved easily.

What else could we do to even up the floor if we do remove the tile? Thanks.

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