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Bella Cera Casa Mia Quality??

4 years ago

We're getting to ready to start our remodel and I've fallen in love with Bella Cera's Casa Mia Collection in Ninfa. Unfortunately I've been unable to find any type of reviews on the product at all. We have several large dogs as well as cats. I'm intrigued by engineered hardwoods but worry about long term wear and tear with traditional solids I know I can at least refinish them. Does anyone have any experience with any of Bella Cera's engineered options, how has your experience been, would you buy them again??

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  • PRO
    4 years ago

    IMO good laminate or vinyl plank both stand up better with large dogs than hardwood. I have 3 large dogs and have had good quality laminate in my whole main floor for 13 yrs with not one scratch. Our dogs are 60, 65 and 120 lbs . We have vinyl plak in the walkout because the dogs have free run dog yard with a doogie door so lots of wet feet and mud I sweep or vacuum at the end of the day and quick damp mop looks like new. Our laminate actully looks like slate even has a bit of texture like slate. In our old house we also had laminate but in wood look ,only the 2 lighter dogs but it stood very well.

  • 2 years ago

    Did you ever install? We are looking at the same flooring. If so, how do you like it?