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Thinning bare spots in established St Augustine lawn. See photos

Carl Foster
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I recently purchased a home with an established st Augustine lawn. The front lawn which has two large live oak trees dropped its acorns, followed by its leaves and then its pollen catkins. After removing these materials from the lawn and giving it its first and second mowing of the spring I see some areas of the lawn that concern me. See the attached picture. Am I being impatient and will these areas fill in. Is now a good time to fertilize? Was going to apply Medina Growin Green organic fertilizer 3-2-3. Is my problem more of a sunlight or lack there of due to the large live Oaks? Any other products and/or techniques that would be beneficial? Btw I'm located in south Texas between San Antonio and Del Rio if that helps

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