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How would you change this hedge design?

Rebecca Calvani
3 years ago

Hello! First time poster here — and first-time gardener — hoping to get some guidance from more experienced gardeners. We just moved into this house last summer and I‘m still getting up to speed on the variety of different plants and trees on the property. The front hedge along the porch is well established but I’m not totally happy with it.

- The two Japanese Barberry bushes are hazardous and invasive... I‘d like to tear out and replace these with something else.

-The Rhododendron on the end is miserable in full sun. I think I have to move this to a shadier spot.

So, if I’m keeping the (l to r) holly, creeping spruce, mystery bush (sorry!) and eunymous, I’d love some suggestions for filling in the gaps. Should I choose one bush for all three gaps, or mix it up for variety?

Full sun, southern exposure, acidic soil, zone 5. Pics attached. TIA!!

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