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help with our first floor renovations!

3 years ago

We are renovating our first floor. Which includes our living/family room, kitchen, dining room, play room.

I had the idea to expand our kitchen into the current dining room and making it all part of the kitchen with a nice Long Island. And convert what is now our playroom into our new dining room. We would change out the windows of the playroom so it doesn’t look so den-like but would that be weird? We rarely ever use the dining room and just recently finished our basement so for holidays and large parties we’d be hosting in the basement.

Just to give some dimensions:
Current dining room has:
-7.11ft ceilings
-10.7ft wide by 11.7ft length

The playroom (that I am considering making the dining room) has:
-7.11 ft ceilings on the heightist point
-6ft wide from that bump out in the room which is our chimney

  • 9.3 ft wide after chimney bump out
    -16 ft long

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