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What are you reading in April?

4 years ago

Finished first book of Atwood trilogy, Oryx and Crake, (the last man (?)), there's no a set ending. Now I don't want to read the other two novels in a row, I prefer enjoying them little by little. So my choose fell on the latest of Ian McEwan novel. "Machines like me". Personally I think artificial intelligence is inevitable, and like all high technology, it is neither bad nor good, is neutral, it is the use of it. I think a lot of people, will be fascinated and beguiled by it. Will us become slaves of our crelatures? Experiment are already made, a worker worked all alone in a warehouse, and he took orders , about what to do, from a voice. Later he said, that voice kept him company. By now no one can beat a computer in a game of chess, now they implemented this, they programmed a computer in order to teach to another computer more powerful, this one learnt to play chess following the instructions of the former one, and now it beats its instructor in a easily way. We already take order by computers, when you go in a public office, you take your ticket and after a while a voice says number two seven, counter three five, every time, most of us, drive out of the city, we Google map and start following the voice that tells us, where to get out of the high way and when we have to turn. But"Machines like me" doesn't deal with this stuff, McEwan is concerned with sentiment and feelings. There are robot that already can recognize, customers feelings, if someone is cross, patient, listless and so on. But what about robot sentiments? Let's a side intelligence, is a term so relative that no one can definite it. But after "intelligence" we will have also robot with feelings, to better interacter with us. But we were born with a little, not so little one can believe,and our feelings are built step by step, and they change all the time, and something that make me angry, maybe it doesn't to the one next to me. But what about a robot morphological like us, with the entire range of feelings, anger, happiness so on, how they can cope with them, they have no experience, they did not fledged them out.
Charlie buys Adam with Miranda's help. He designers Adam's personality. The near perfect human that emerges is beautiful, strong and clever. It isn't long before a love triangle forms, and these three beings confront a profound moral dilemma.

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