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Suggestions for warm neutral off-white for interior paint

D Walker
4 years ago

I'm trying to find an interior paint color for the great room in our new build that is fairly warm, light, and neutral (not a very helpful description, I know). Our area is on lock-down so it just got more challenging since I can't go to the local paint store and browse chip samples... (it was already challenging enough for me!) But I figured if I can I narrow it down some I can order samples online or do curbside pickup from our local paint stores.

We have gone through some selection and tried some of the samples in our house already...

Two that are ok candidates are SW Ivory Lace and Magnolia Home Blanched. If possible I'd like to find something in between these (which a fairly wide range). The Ivory Lace is too yellow for me and the Magnolia Home Blanched is a bit too brown/dark for my husband.... There were a couple of others that definitely didn't work:

SW Toque White - too pink, especially next to our red birch cabinets.

SW Oyster White - appeared greenish/yellow in our space

A couple of others I was considering looking at: SW Alabaster or SW Greek Villa. Anyone have experience or thoughts on those? Any others that would be worth checking out? It doesn't have to be SW, those are just the samples I got before the lock down started?

More details:

The living/kitchen area is open - the picture here is south-facing looking into the "kitchen" from the living area . Where the cone is there will be an island and the sink/dishwasher/range will be on the rh side along the wall under the window. The front of the house is north facing so the windows and skylights shown in the picture are all west facing. The room is fairly light/bright but some of the light is blocked by our neighbors house/tree/fence and we live on the coast so get summer fog.

Cabinets are natural red birch, island will be green leathered fusion quartzite, perimeter countertops will be Cambria Newport (light cream colored, not a lot of movement unlike the quartzite). Flooring will be a fairly light wood looking LVP by CoreTec (Everest Oak). Appliances are stainless - GE Cafe with brushed bronze hardware, and kitchen/island faucets are Delta Trinisic in Champagne bronze.

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