Paint ideas for office background in video conferences

last year

Hello folks,

I am forced to repurpose our unused/un-decorated guest bedroom as an office. I need to be on conference calls a lot and often need to keep my video on. Unfortunately the background involves closet doors, an entry door and a wall with dark paint left by previous owner. Everyone else seem to be in these beautifully decorated rooms ... I am hoping the community here can share some ideas for me.

I have attached a picture of what I am dealing with when I am on a video call. I trie to play with whites a bit and painted the entry door and the walls around it white. I would appreciate if you could share some paint ideas for the wall and doors. It would really help if you included paint brand and color names as well. Would it make sense for the wall right behind me to be an accent color compared to the rest of the room? Not sure if there is much room to add artwork and where to put it.

The idea really is to make the room look as nice as it can when I am on a call.

Help please?

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