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How to chose a shower base (or a tub) based on pre-existing drain

2 years ago

We are removing an acrylic shower stall that is 33" x 33" in our hall bathroom. There is another tub/shower bathroom upstairs and the master bath with tub/shower so the hall bathroom is mostly for use by visitors.

I want to either put a tub/shower in it or a 36" x 48" shower in it. No tile shower floor.

My questions:

1. How do I choose a tub or solid surface shower base that will match up with the drain we already have? Are the holes predrilled? I would rather not move the plumbing in the slab. How or where do I measure? The tub and shower will have a wall on two sides. The tub end will have a low pony wall in front of the toilet or will be open. If it is a shower, I don't know what it will be. Glass?

Do I measure AFTER the shower stall is removed?

2. Which would be least expensive to install? A 5 ft acrylic tub or a 36" x 48" solid surface shower base? I can find the prices on the shower base and tub, but I don't know about the cost of installation.

3. We live in a rural lake area, and good contractors are hard to find. Which is the choice that is least likely to be screwed up by the contractor? The solid surface bases are newer than tubs, so it is possible the contractor has never installed the solid surface bases. This is one of the reasons we don't want a tile shower floor.


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