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help please - need blue for front door - house exterior is Dorian Gray

3 years ago

I want to paint our front door blue. The exterior is SW Dorian Gray and trim is SW Pure White. I need some guidance. I know SW Dorian Gray is in the yellow hue family and I need to find a blue that complements not clashes or falls flat. I don't want a ultra dark door. Which of these colors work best with Dorian Gray? Initially drawn to turquoise and green/blues but that was before we choose Dorian Gray (limited exterior color choices) and the turquoise green/blues don't seem to work that well together, at least to my eye.

Colors I am considering and my thoughts :

SW Grays Harbor - this is a beautiful blue (it is used in our business in our waiting room and it's lovely, but paired with Amazing Gray)

SW Rainstorm

SW Waterloo

SW Tempe Star - maybe a bit too much green in it

SW Mineral Gray

colors we looked at but not quite right:

SW Charcoal Blue - i like the overall color but it's took dark -

SW Naval - though dark, it's seem too bright

SW Cyberspace - really pretty but too dark and husband thinks it looks purple

Attached is a pic of the front of our house. The sidelights will be trim color. Only the front door itself will be 'blue'. The picture shows the bottom band partially white, we have changed it and it is now the house color. I didn't care for the 'outlined' look.

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