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How to encourage bushy growth on outdoor ficus hedge in Los Angeles

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Almost two years ago we planted a number of ficus trees along the southeast and southwest walls of our yard (USDA zone 10A) with hopes they would eventually form a privacy screen.

The trees on the southeast (below) get more sunlight and have done a better job of filling in to form a hedge.

Meanwhile, the trees on the southwest side (below) are taller than those on the southeast, but have not filled in very well.

It was recommended to me that I "pinch" the top of the hedge to promote bushy growth and help fill in the hedge. Can somehow describe how to do that? And if anyone can explain why that works I would love to hear the explanation.

Additional details: I use drip irrigation (ten minutes, three times a day) and apply a bag of G&B Organics All Purpose Fertilizer 4-4-4 every 1-2 months.

I am generally quite clueless re: gardening. Any ideas re: watering, fertilizer, or pruning/pinching would be appreciated!

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