Brugmansia....the flowers facing downward

last year

Just bought one from a wholesale nursery in Boynton--7 gallon pot for about $25. Although the leaves appeared to have brown spots, the owner assured me that this was "no big deal!" In my heart I knew I might have been taken but I am so enamored by the plant which I had seen in full glory in Patzcuaro, Mexico. So I will plant today.....Zone 8, about 10 miles from ocean. Will get sun much of the day.

What do I need to know to keep it healthy and keep putting out those glorious flores--mine are mixed pink and yellow. It just stole my heart, so I took the chance. Not only that, I am normally not here in summer, although will be around longer than usual this year, so can get a nursery worker to come out and take a look every (how often??)

I have NO IDEA of tropical plants. Planted bouganvillea standard two year ago and only now have about 5 blossoms (pink) that gives you the idea of my skills. But you are all such experts..cannot hurt to ask, right? So much gratitude on my part to anyone who comments......ek

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