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What's your comfort food?

2 years ago

Like so many, I am working from home-- and working quite a few hours more than normal. My pantry is fairly well stocked as I always keep cans of soup, beans and tomato products on hand but I have been craving both fresh veggies and comfort food the last few days. I am going to try to find some time to make both split pea soup and chili this weekend.. but much as I enjoy them, they're not really comfort foods for me.

My favorite comfort food (at least since I gave up eating pasta carbonara!) is breakfast for dinner-- more specifically, eggs and toast! I especially like scrambled eggs or omelet with asparagus and rye toast. I am not sure how this evolved to be a comfort food-- it does bring back great family memories as when I was a competitive swimmer, we always went out for a big breakfast before meets. I think I also appreciate the ease with which you can prepare it-- and digest it-- and well, I have just always loved brunch as a concept. It's my favorite meal for entertaining-- or being entertained.

What's your favorite comfort food? Are you indulging as you stay home-bound?

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