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I'm stuck! Thermador, Gaggenau, Miele, Wolf .. a mix? Please help

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hello and thanks in advance for any and all feedback. We are building a new home and I am really confused about the appliances. Our kitchen designer can't move forward without this information. I apologize for the length of this post.

The kitchen is on the large side, and the style will be more European/ modern leaning transitional.

This is a real working kitchen. I cook often and for large groups at times. I want appliances that are really great value for the money. I don't need to have the designer name unless it's really worth it. Function trumps form for me.

I've gone to many showrooms and demos and am still so confused.


I am getting column fridge and freezer - probably 30" or 36". I know that Sub Zero is considered the best, but an appliance dealer told me that what makes them great is the dual compressors in the fridges, which is moot once you have separate columns for each function. Do you have any opinions on this? Would it be a mistake to go with Thermador's new fridge? I liked the similar Gaggenau which comes standard stainless on the interior... I am open to any other brand you suggest that would be a great product. I didn't care for the Miele for the price. We will be paneling the door.


I initially just assumed i would get a 48 inch gas rangetop and call it a day - probably Wolf. I've heard Hestan is very good also. Now that I've seen the induction demos, i think i might be swayed. I only worry a lot about the EMF radiation. If i were to put that aside, I love the Gaggenau and Thermador Freedom Induction tops which allow you to place a pan anywhere. I would in this case go with a 30 inch induction top and a separate module (maybe Gaggenau Vario 400) gas burner. Or possibly even do larger gas and smaller induction portion. I cannot give up the gas entirely since I need it for certain things I cook. Miele and a Wolf also have module options. Hence all my confusion :(


I would like to get a steam oven, and would prefer that it be a larger one that can serve as one of the ovens in my "double" wall over setup. This leads me to the Miele XXL which is 24 in or else the Thermador 30 inch steam oven. The Thermador looks great and is a great match if I go with the induction top above, but I don't think I can customize the steam settings. The Miele gives a lot more control on the steam, but is smaller, and doesn't go over 430 for when I want to use it as a regular over. And the lady running the demo said that she wouldn't recommend roasting chickens and other fatty foods in it because it's harder to clean! I don't care too much about the custom programs.

The Gaggenau looks beautful and is fully controllable, but is way too $$$$$.

The Wolf M series looks good, but the door was incredibly heavy and difficult to close at the showroom. When i mentioned it to the salesperson, she said " Yes! I know..." I mean it was heavy too even for my husband to close. Then i read on this forum that there have been many many issues with enamel chipping.

Must I get a double oven + steam oven ( for resale purposes) or is it okay to just have a larger steam oven and a 30 inch convection oven?

Do you think the warming drawer or vacuum seal drawers are of any use?


I want to panel the dishwashers (2) and just want to buy whatever does a great job and is not overpriced. I can also buy according to whatever I get a better package deal with.

5. I don't think I need to put a speed oven in... and may just stick a cheapo microwave for a $100 in my pantry. I am investing in the combi steam over to replace the microwave for most things.

SO... am I crazy to even consider mixing brands?

Again, any and all feedback is very appreciated. I love technical details, so if you have insights on any items please let me know. Thanks again for reading through this... I can't you believe you did :-)

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