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Can someone explain the logic?

3 years ago

Our schools are closed. Word is no one believes they will re-open before Fall. Schools are all scrambling to create an on line presence. Teachers are told to remember older students are now care takers most homes will have one devise and on average three students who need access. Requiring specific times a student is on line is unrealistic. Attention to State Mandated Standards is a must. BUT on the flip side schools need to provide care before, during and after regular work hours as well as feed all students. I do not comprehend the on line NEED of the right hand if the left hand is feeding and care taking for these same students??? THEN to top it off we are told spring sports practices will resume Apr. 1 and competitions may or may not happen. At the high school level the powers that be said no students or parents will be allowed on Campus--but guess that doesn't not include athletes?!?! I totally GET the need but at the same time if we can provide food/day care what's the difference of just having school??

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