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Ceiling Built too low for crown molding. Help!

3 years ago

We’re building a house long distance (sigh). Ceilings are 10’, with 6” crowns and craftsman door headers that are about 8” high in aggregate above 8’ doors. We recently visited the house, and found that the builder has reduced the height of the ceiling in one bedroom to about 8’9” (don’t ask). The only way to fix the celling height would be to tear down most of the house, and we don’t have the stomach to even consider doing that. The builder said he was planning to make the door and window headers slightly taller to meet the ceiling and eliminate the crown. Alternatively, he said we could picture frame the doors with minimal casing and put in the crown molding (I don’t even think there is room for that, even with criminally narrow casing). Neither works for us; we really want to do something to bring this bedroom closer to the standard of the rest of the house. The only other idea I’ve had is the equivalent of a chair rail about 4” below the ceiling that ties into flat center of the the door headers (I’ve seen something like that in some craftsman houses—does anyone know the name for it?). Other ideas? What would you do? Help!

A few more details in case they are relevant: The room 14’ by 15’, two doors on one side (closet and bath) and one door across with two windows to the right as you enter.

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