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Suggestions for raised garden bed walls.

3 years ago

Hi all, I live in zone 6b, Mass, and am looking for good ideas for making my side walls in the new raised beds I plan on making.

I don't want to use any wood, for obvious reasons, so that narrows it to some kind of corrugated tin/sheet metal or a strong polycarbonate (pvc) type corrugated solution thick enough to get the job done (without being expensive, UGH!) and I already have plenty of landscape block solutions, so don't want to add any more of those.

I find the typical box stores have some corrugated polycarbonate products, but they seem like they are not thick enough for side walls.

I'm looking at a few raised beds about 2-3'H X 6-8' L

I have been poking my head around many diff places to find any solutions for this, but can't seem to come up with anything. Maybe someone else in this area has a solution as well.

I will need to be building something in the next month, so I have to find a workable solution.

If I can't find something, I'll have to go the double walled open air side wall solution with chicken wire and bark mulch and fill center with dirt.

I tried looking into salvage yards, but that doesn't seem to be a solution.

Thanks in advance,

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