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Need Help With Kitchen Island Lighting - 14' Ceilings, 13.5'X5' Island

4 years ago

Hi Everyone,
We are in the middle of building a new home.
Need some help with finding lighting for our kitchen island. It's 13.5'X5' in an area with 14' ceilings. Our look is definitely modern, white cabinets in the kitchen with the island being blue.
We have struggled finding pendants that we like that also hang low enough to make sense from the ceiling (this is after days at the local lighting store, looking through manufacturer books, and some of the major lighting websites). We are contemplating just using recessed lights - had a similar struggle with the foyer light and have decided to just go with recessed there as well.
Any help would be great! Most things in the house have been totally and foyer lighting has been a little rough.

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