Awkward Living Room - Furniture Placement Help!

last year

Hello All,

We just purchased our first home and I am trying to figure out what kind of furniture would work best in the long(ish) but narrow living room. This is the main living space in the home so I want as much seating as possible, and as comfortable as possible as we are big Netflix and chill people :)

Dimensions are just about 10' wide and 19' in length, with windows on two walls, double door on one wall, and a built in on the fourth (see picture attached below...don't mind the floors, those will be refinished prior to moving in!).

I originally didn't think a sectional would work but I'm looking at the Sullivan Sectional from Pottery Barn, which I think I could configure to work out, with about a 3 foot clearance for walking by the section jutting out. I would put it against the wall with the two windows with the side coming out on the left side, with a chair opposite on the right (if that makes sense).

Does anyone have any other ideas? Furniture shopping will commence soon so I appreciate all opinions!

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