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Is the pandemic affecting your reno?

4 years ago

Hi all - a lot of you know I'm a scientist. That makes me essential personnel at my university, so I'm hanging out in my office in a sparsely populated building on campus, intermittently working on grant applications and a paper. I should be enjoying the lack of interruptions, but I am socially distanced from my colleagues. We are all in our offices or labs, no department seminars, no journal clubs. Those of us with teaching duties are preparing materials for remote learning.

Shockingly, I think I work better in the chaos of normalcy, because I've been writing for three hours straight with no meetings to attend, no knocks on my door, and no phone calls, and I need a break. I've decided to try to tackle my kitchen layout issues when I need a breather, because it would be amazing if I could actually start, and hopefully one day finish my renovation. It'll be a good thing I think - something positive to come from all of the upheaval, other than the obvious, helping to save lives by keeping ourselves healthy as long as possible.

How are all of you handling changes in your work and schedules? Any possible positive outcomes from these interesting times? I hope so. Share - and stay well!

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