Where should I put my makeup vanity

Hello Everyone!

My husband and I are considering on building a home and I am on the fence with my makeup vanity and where I would also do my hair and get ready every day. I am looking for pros and cons and if anyone else has theirs in the closet and your thoughts on not having a sink right there with it.

Just a little back story that may help you give me advice.

We currently live in a small home with a small bathroom. I do most all makeup and hair in my bedroom which doesn't have great lightening so I sometimes find myself in the bathroom doing my makeup. I also find myself fighting with what to wear and also tracking it down in the laundry room oh and yelling at my daughter to get up and get ready for school :) so I waste alot of time going back and forth. Oh and I need to mention I prefer to stand up and do my makeup and hair vs sitting down which most plans I find with vanity's are the sit down kind.

I am trying to think functional for us as well as something that is appealing to others in the event if we need to move.

1) We are thinking of a large walk in closet and I was thinking of putting in a built in vanity in there. I would love to be able to get out of the shower and head straight to one spot to get ready which is why I am considering a w/d in there as well. Worried about lighting...we could put a window in there I suppose.

2) Just do hair and makeup next to my sink in the bath room and not the closet. I like the idea of the sink right there in case I have some sort of dilemma. Also lighting is usually better in the bathroom.

Any info will be helpful!

Thank you

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