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help picking out new front door (and overall curb appeal?)

4 years ago

We moved into this home about 5 years ago. The front door was (and is) purple...but you can't even see it because of the screen door covering it (which we do not care for at all). We are finally at the point where we are going to replace part because a majority of the white trim you see around the transom light and sides of the door are rotten for some reason.

So we will likely be replacing the door, screen/storm door, transom light, and the trim detail. Attaching a couple photos of "currenT" and a couple photos of ideas we were just playing around with.

Would love to hear any other ideas for sprucing up the overall curb appeal so we have a direction to start moving in. I dont think replacing the vinyl siding is realistic for us but the landscaping is ready to go...have been pulling it out gradually...and the front steps need to be reset (or replaced) as the current steps are not close to level.

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